Treasurer, Role, Responsibilities and Duties:

As Cited in the Constitution and Bylaws:

TREASURER: The treasurer shall keep and maintain the financial records of the organization, and shall receive incoming funds and make disbursements as authorized by the executive board. The treasurer shall be bonded. An annual audit shall be made by two people appointed by the executive board. The treasurer shall co-sign all checks with the president.

As cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000):


1. Keep record of all money that comes into the Friends. This record should be kept on the computer program set up for that purpose and all back up information kept at least seven years.
2. Keep record books available for inspection by anyone who requests in writing [a federal requirement for 50l(c)(3) status].
3. Keep and justify checkbook, and pay debts of Friends of the Bear Library.
4. Be responsible for depositing all funds in Friends accounts.
5. Pick up Friends mail at the library, date day of receipt, and route to the correct recipient.
6. Be a part of the committee that prepares the budget.
7. Make sure that thank you notes are sent to individuals who donate to the Friends and keep president informed of large donations.
8. Send OBRA Tax Forms for donations over $250.
9. Be responsible for Friends cash box.
a. Make sure that starting change is left in the cash box for each fund raising event.