Budget Committee

Budget Committee: Role, Responsibilities and Duties*:

Budget must be approved before beginning of fiscal year starting in July.

1. Includes the treasurer and other executive board members.
2. Seeks input from the library manager on requests for enrichment and enhancement of the library.
3. Presents budget for the next years operation of Friends and includes amount available for enrichment of library for the next fiscal year to Executive Board in May:
a. Membership dues should provide operating funds for the Friends.
b. Fund raising events should provide enrichment funds.
4. Seeks approval of budget at June meeting.

The Budget Committee is a standing committee and works closely with the Treasurer, Fund Raising Committee, and Executive Board.

Committee Chairperson:  Committee chairpersons shall preside over and appoint the members of their committees.**

  *   As Cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000).
**    As Cited in the Constitution and Bylaws of the FOBL.