Fund Raising Committee

Fund Raising Committee:   Role, Responsibilities and Duties*:

1. Raise funds needed for enrichment and enhancement of the library.
2. Coordinate and aid fund raising events sponsored by other organizations to benefit the Friends of the Bear Library.
3. May obtain list of volunteers from Volunteer Coordinator for help at events.
4. May seek help from Public Relations in getting the word out.
5. Must keep Executive Board informed of planned events for their approval.

The Fund Raising Committee is a standing committee that works closely with the Treasurer, Budget Committee and Executive Board.

Fund Raising Committee Chairperson:  Committee chairpersons shall preside over and appoint the members of their committees.**

*    As Cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000).
**    As Cited in the Constitution and Bylaws of the FOBL.