Legacy Gifts to the Endowment

WhatKindOfGiftLastsForeverCropdThe answer is: A gift to the Friends of Bear Library Endowment Fund lasts forever. The principal remains intact while the income fuels our mission and sustains the Bear Library.  Funds can be used to  support major programs, projects, or services to enrich the Bear Library.

With a gift to the endowment fund you will:
– Help provide a strong future for the Bear Library.
– Create a lasting legacy of caring.
– Ensure exceptional stewardship of your gift.

You may make a gift to the Bear Library Endowment Fund during your lifetime as well as by bequest.  Bequests and gifts can be in a number of forms: cash, property, stocks, securities, and other assets.  Gifts may be used to create a named fund honoring an individual or family.  Direct individual, corporate and organizational donations are possible also. Contributions to the Bear Library Endowment Fund are accepted and managed by the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF).

Several ways exist to obtain more information, counseling and assistance from the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF):
– Download, complete and mail this info request card* to DCF.
– Call the DCF at 302-571-8004 or email info@delcf.org.
– Via the Delaware Community Foundation (DCF) Website:
a.   General Information  https://delcf.org/
b.   Online Contact Form  https://delcf.org/contact/

Smaller, but important cash/credit card donations (minimum of $25) can be made directly to the Bear Library Endowment Fund at the DCF Website.  Just remember to specify the “Bear Library Endowment Fund” as the “Name of Fund” to which you choose to donate.

Notes:  * Best Print 2-Sided, then Complete, Crop, Fold, and Mail.

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