Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture Project Progress

On Friday, August 10, 2018, EDiS via a crew from Castle Construction of Delaware installed three Wind Sculptures by noted artist Lyman Whitaker in the landscape island at the front of the Bear Library.  EDiS donated its services to the Friends of the Bear Library (FOBL) and New Castle County.  Visit our Wind Sculpture Image Gallery to see the installation process and detailed results. The FOBL purchased the sculptures and paid for the engineering documents and permits.

Bear Library Entryway
Bear Library Entryway and Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures 08/10/2018.

This public kinetic art project has several goals:

  • Make a statement to old and young that the transfer and sharing of culture and knowledge is a dynamic process embedded not solely in objects created to reside on a shelf or in digital space, but also in physical works of art and craft.
  • Provide artwork that is distinctive and world-class, and that will fascinate library patrons, young and old.
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing installation of kinetic art that harmonizes with the architecture and spirit of the Bear Library.
  • Create an example for other developers, property managers, businesses, institutions, clubs, and organizations to follow in the Bear Area. Encourage them to include quality public art at their facilities – enriching the experience of their patrons, employees, residents, members, visitors, and the community with art.

Lyman Whitaker is the original creator of Wind Sculptures™ and is the most recognized creator of kinetic artwork in the world. He has been creating this form of art for 19 years.  Each sculpture is created by hand with a high degree of mechanical integrity and craftsmanship. • The sculptures respond to slight currents of wind, changing shapes in light breezes. They are built to withstand high winds while remaining balanced.  The metal sculptures are low maintenance and durable. Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures ™ can be found at Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, Pa; Zion National Park, UT; the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO; Naples Art Association,Naples, FL; and many other corporate and public places.

For more about Lyman Whitaker and Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures see: or

For information about the tradition of kinetic sculptures see: as a starting point.

In either case, try using the resources of the Bear Library to learn more.

For their counsel, support and cooperation, the Friends of the Bear Library thanks:

  • EDiS company for their donation and commitment to our community.
  • Rob Belfiore, Vice President, Pre-Construction Planning, EDiS Company for his excellent advice and his help in a delivery emergency.
  • Eric Kuhn, Manager of the Bear Library.
  • Diana Brown, Manager of Libraries, New Castle County.
  • Marcus Henry, General Manager, New Castle County Department of Community Services.
  • Matthew Meyer, County Executive, New Castle County.
  • The Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri.