Memorial and Tribute Books Donation

The FOBL, in cooperation with the Bear Library, offers people and organizations the opportunity to purchase a book in memory of someone, or as a tribute in recognition of someone’s achievements. The donor can specify the inscription that will appear on the inside bookplate.

The donor can specify a specific title, author, subject/topic, or type of work (e.g., fiction, nonfiction, reference, etc.).*  Or alternatively,  the donor can have the librarian make the selection, and then be informed of work chosen.

Those interested in making such a commemorative donation should complete the Memorial and Tribute Books Donation Form and mail or submit it to the FOBL with their donation. The FOBL will pass the completed form to the appropriate Library staff and make arrangements for the acquisition of the selected work. The donor will be informed when the selected work is ready for shelving.

 Note:   * All requests will be evaluated to assure consistency with New Castle County (NCCo) Libraries Collection Development Policy.