President, Role, Responsibilities and Duties:

As cited in the FOBL Constitution and Bylaws:

PRESIDENT: The president shall preside over and conduct meetings, and be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the nominating committee. The president shall appoint the committee chairpersons who shall be approved by the executive board. This officer shall appoint all special committees with consent of the executive board. This officer will co-sign all checks with the treasurer.

As cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000):


1. Has the responsibility to run each monthly, scheduled meeting and the Annual Meeting, which is held each March.
2. Publish agenda.
3. Schedule additional meetings.
4. Appoint committee chairs.
5. Should be included in or kept informed of other committee meetings and their outcome.
6. Should be informed of all large donations given to the Friends and should be kept apprised of any information obtained at library related meetings that are attended by others.