Second Vice President (Membership)

Second Vice-President, Role, Responsibilities and Duties:

As Cited in the Constitution and Bylaws:

SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT: The second vice-president shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of members together with their addresses and for the recruitment of new members. This officer shall also be responsible for sending dues reminders at least once annually. The second vice-president shall serve as president in the absence of the president and the first vice-president.

As cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000):

Second Vice-President – Membership:

l. Maintain a computer database of membership files.
a. Change dates as renewal slips come in.
b. Add member information as new people join.
c. Update civic and government lists as elections take place.
2. Print labels quarterly for newsletter mailing.
3. Periodically print list of current members for President, Telephone Tree Chairperson, and any other officer in need of such a list.
4. Periodically print a list of members who have offered to volunteer for various jobs and forward to the Volunteer Chairperson.·
5. Encourage membership in the Friends through membership drives in the community and maintain the stock of membership brochures. A large membership base is vitally important and membership in the Friends should be encouraged in every way possible.