Secretary, Corresponding

Corresponding Secretary, Role, Responsibilities and Duties:

As Cited in the Constitution and Bylaws:

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: The corresponding secretary shall edit and mail the newsletter and be responsible for correspondence as requested by the president. This officer will notify the membership of the time and place of meetings.

As cited in the FOBL Business Plan (approved 04/19/2000):

Corresponding Secretary:

The newsletter is the most effective and important tool of the Friends. It keeps members, civic organizations, government officials, possible donors and the media informed about the library and library resources, and the Friends efforts, events and function. The newsletter should be sent to all civic groups, businesses (especially large), government officials that represent our area and other officials that can affect library service, media, foundations and donors, other library and friends groups, and interested individuals. This is a big and important job and the newsletter editor is encouraged to establish a committee to accomplish the task.l.   Edit and publish quarterly newsletter of the Friends.2.  Be responsible for labeling and mailing the newsletter.